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Mituna's quirk is a little hard to read sometimes and can be hard on the eyes. Please let me know below with a friendly little post that you would like non-quirk texts or just voice/video posts all together.

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Name: Shugo
DW username: cocanuts
E-Mail: moirails[at]gmail[dot]com
IM: inyourdna

Other Characters: N/A but I am practically a veteran of eway ive been here like a kazillion times

Character Name: Mituna Captor
Series: Homestuck
Timeline: After the dancestor's lose their game of SGRUB
Canon Resource Link: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Homestuck

Mituna is a troll from the planet Beforus, now known as Alternia. As a player of SGRUB, he's Sollux Captor's dancestor which is to say he is dances the night away with extremely rad moves at raves. No, I'm joking. Being Sollux's dancestor means that he is Sollux's ancestor but due to the shenanigans of the Scratch, which can be summarized as "BLUE BOX TIME SHENANIGANS", he is also Sollux's descendant. It's like he's his own grandpa except not really because that would be really awkward. Awkward. He's a yellow blooded troll, so naturally he is the best kind of troll because he is gifted with powerful psychic abilities.

In the Beforus' verison of SGRUB, Mituna is the Heir of Doom. With a miserable name such as that, it's only fitting that he would have a doomed fate because all the trolls eventually die thanks to Meenah killing them. (Although she claims it was for their own benefit because they're a bunch of losers anyways.) Since they're all technically dead, the Beforus trolls roam around in Dream Bubbles which is a fancy way of saying Mituna's beautiful memory lives on and plays on like the radical bro he is.

Not only does he inherently die, as all things living tend to do, but Mituna also had visions that told of these looming dangers. Of course, he warned everyone about these dooms and destruction that he was seeing but no one paid any heed to his words. Sometime between the game and dying, a mysterious accident happened to Mituna. Whatever it was, it is speculated that Mituna stopped some kind of doom or danger like a true brosephine by using his powerful psychic abilities. In doing so, he burned out the last of his psychic energy and lost his abilities from the incident. More importantly, the accident left him incoherent and permanently brain damaged. We'll never get the specifics of this mysterious incident out of Mituna, and the only witness to this tragedy is unreliable and also mute.

With the loss of his mental facilities, Mituna's personality is highly effected by it. At times he can be very aggressive and rude for no given reason, and quickly revert into a more calm and subdued humbleness. Sometimes he can also become extremely incoherent, freak out, and experience a mixed range of emotions. In these fits, his movements and speech is rapid and jerky like he's doing some kind of hokey pokey. For this reason, and for his clumsiness, he wears a helmet to protect himself.

But enough sad stories like dying and life-changing accidents! When he's not screaming obscenities, Mituna is a rad bro. No really. He's a rad GAMEBRO who loves playing video games, skate boarding, all the things that a true-rad-brosephine loves doing. In fact, he's in a radromance with Latula. Mituna also has a moirail, Kurloz, who also happens to be the only eye-witness to Mituna's accident. It's rumored by some of the trolls that when Kurloz and Mituna are alone, Mituna is coherent and actually understandable. Mituna also is frequently a victim of Cronus' bullying.

It should be noted in game that Mituna makes sex-related puns and frequently makes typos in his own quirks. He types in all yellow font with capslocks and replaces letters with symbols. This includes o=0, i=1, 2=s, 3=e, 4=a, 5=s, 7=t, 8=b, etc.

Abilities/Special Powers: As noted in the character background, Mituna used to have psychic abilities. He no longer has them because he burned out the last of his psychic energy.

Third-Person Sample:When he first realized that he was trapped inside the bathroom, Mituna had screamed and hollered at the door. Waiting for anyone, anyone at all, to heed his call for help. He pounded his fists against the doors, and then his aggression moved on to other parts of the bathroom. The shower curtains were pulled off their hinges, toiletries knocked off the sink and scattered across the floor, even the decorative tree in the corner was tipped over. It's vase shattered into a million pieces. With a last futile effort, he threw himself against the door, sliding down when it did nothing and Mituna laid on the floor in defeat. Silence, save for the running water of the shower. Nobody could hear him he concluded or perhaps they didn't want to let him out for breaking their potted tree. Yes, that was definitely it. They were mad at him for breaking their beloved tree in their bathroom.

"Sorry,"he whispered under his breath. "Sorry, I'm sorry," to think something so stupid as a potted tree in the potty would upset someone. Mituna had to laugh because it was pretty stupid. Who keeps potted trees in bathrooms? That's just dumb, they're trees for cripes sake. WHO NEEDS TREES IN BATHROOMS? Indeed, Mituna let out a loud laugh at the absurdity of some people keeping trees in their bathrooms. He grabbed his head, pushing himself up off the floor. In the words of Lulu the wise, "that's so dumb! Trees you are scumpbags!"

But wait, if he broke the tree and now he's stuck in here for breaking the stupid tree. Then quite literally, the tree was a scumpbag in Mituna's fine opinion. He gave it a satisfying kick before turning around to re-assess the situation at hand. Mituna wasn't sure if anyone had heard him or was going to bother to help him. So he quickly began thinking of a survival plan and a mental check-list of survival needs. Water. He had plenty of water as indicated by the working sink and running shower. He had twelve rolls of toilet paper. Plenty of toothpaste, in fact the cabinets were full of toothpaste.

Yes, good. He would eat the toothpaste if no one came for him.

First-Person Sample: L1573N H3R3 CHUMP5LU7 1M G01NG 7W0 PULL 0FF 7H353 R4D M0V35
W47CH 0U7 83C4UZS=53 H3T3 C0M37H G4M38R0
H4NG 0N 1M 7FY1MG 70 G37 7H1S 0N C4M F0R 4LL 7H3 M4D 7HK1LL5
4ND 7H3R3 W1LL 8E 50 M4NLY R4D M34T4LS
50 M4NY L1K3 1N 7H3 7R0LL 831J1NG 0LL13MP1C5
5IR5T PR1Z3 1N P50R7NZ

[The video flips on, and there's a nice view of someone's yellow boots and a really cool skateboard. There is also a distant view of some stairs.]


[The troll in the yellow boots gets on the skateboard and backs up so that he's out of the camera shot. A few moments later, dear viewers, Mituna flies past the camera and out into the stairs. There's the sound of joyful laughter until he vanishes out of view from the camera and a loud crash resounds. There is no response.

Let this be a lesson learned in wearing your helmet, kiddos.


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